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Christina Hempel
Medical specialist
for internal medicine/
Family medicine


All the current internal and general medical examination technological methods are performed in our practice. This includes first and foremost the anamnestic discussion (your desription of the medical condition) and then the physical examination.

On this basis blood, urine and as required ultrasound examinations (e.g. for thyroid glands and upper abdomen disorders) can be perfomed. >>>

Furthermore, medical equipment such as a resting ECG, an exercise ECG (bicycle ergometer) and 24 hour blood pressure measuring instruments are available.

We also conduct pulmonary function tests for the clarification of respiratory system disorders.

Within the framework of our Disease Management Programme (DMP), patients will be given specific training for diseases such as diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, allergic asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

We offer preventative medical health check ups for patients over 35 years old in the area of cancer screening and skin cancer screening. We also offer advice on vaccinations and are able to perform vaccinations on site.

Within the framework of statuory health insurance coverage, preventative medical examinations and health checks including skin cancer screening can be conducted every two years for patients over 35 years old, and cancer screening for men over 45 years old can be performed every year.

Our range of medical services includes psychosomatic primary health care.

In addition, we also perform infusion treatment as well as examinations as part of the preparations for surgery.

Christina Hempel | Medical specialist for internal medicine
Tränsberg 21–23 | 39104 Magdeburg | Telefon: 0391 5430177